How much should you pay for your headshot?   Controversially, we say not much!

Price perception is an interesting concept.  I have just finished a very good audio book – Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestly.  I highly recommend it for anyone starting or running a business.

The premise is clear – the higher you set your price for your product the better people will perceive that product to be.  I’m not going to define ‘better’ here (the book covers all angles) but, in a world where your ideal client is preferably not too price-sensitive, the greater the price tag the higher the quality your clients will think they are getting for their bucks.

Mostly I agree – but NOT where it comes to our business headshots.

When we set up Your Best Self Headshots, Lynsey Mackew and I were not driven solely by the need to earn a living.  As active and established networkers amongst new business owners and entrepreneurs in our community we wanted to create an arena whereby time and cost were not a barrier to inspirational people getting an excellent business headshot for use on websites and social media.    We also wanted our larger corporate clients to use us repeatedly instead of making do with substandard images which would do nothing to promote the professionalism of the company.

I have written before about why it is essential that business folk have a good headshot (see LinkedIn or the Your Best Self Headshots website for blog), and I still firmly believe that, rightly or wrongly, the message you send out with a bad headshot is that if you are cutting corners on your professional profile then the chances are that you are cutting corners in other areas of your business too.

Our mission was always to be a part of a business’s success coupled with an on-going relationship with its owners.  We started over 3 years ago and between then and now we have made up and photographed upwards of 700 people.  Being part of something bigger – a collective of stimulating and innovative men and women – is equally important as what hits the bank at the end of a long day.

I have spent nearly two decades photographing people professionally and Lynsey is a Regional Vice President at the make-up company Arbonne with a wealth of experience.  So when you read that we charge £75 per person for a 45 minute slot, full makeover and 3 high resolution digital images in colour and black and white, with a properly sized LinkedIn image to boot, please do not think that because we could charge 3 times that amount we are not excellent.   We are ‘quick, fun and affordable’ because we choose to be.

Gail Fogarty

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