In his book LinkedIn Riches, the author John Nemo shares with us how to set up a killer LinkedIn profile.  The very first step he says is getting a really good professional profile picture.

“You have to have a great photo on LinkedIn, and what I mean by that is a professional high quality headshot, one where you are smiling, friendly, attractive; really at your best.”

People do business with people they think they can work with; the photograph of you on your LinkedIn profile is that first step to someone making contact with you, so it is really important that you upload a good one.  So what is a good profile picture?

LinkedIn reports that people with profile pictures get 14 times more hits than those without.  People like to see pictures.

It takes a tenth of a second for someone to make a judgment about you just by looking at a picture of your face. Think of your own profile picture right now; is someone likely to pick up the phone to you to do business or offer you that new job or are they  more likely to move on to the next person on their list?

It goes without saying that your approach to your profile picture reflects your attention to detail and professionalism.  A shoddy picture equals a shoddy professional outlook.

In an interview for CEO, Californian portrait photographer Emily Bourdage explains the importance of the professional profile picture.  She says:

 “When recruiters look online it helps the job seeker come across as being somebody who cares about their professional appearance enough to invest in it. It takes your standard black and white resume and turns it into a real-life human being.”

To see the full interview go to

A trawl through LinkedIn reveals countless profile pictures which are not up to the job; the one of you with the family dog or a child under one arm and a glass of wine in your hand.  Even worse, you on the beach, or next to the face of your friend who you have badly cropped out.  You get the picture; sure it says fun, sociable, fit, busy but it doesn’t project ‘professional’.

So don’t risk missing out on whatever opportunities there are out there for you.  Book on-line to see us now; fabulous profile pictures at an acceptable cost; it’s a no-brainer!

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