What should you pay for a headshot in London?

Backed up with detailed statistics London photographer Michael Wharley assesses what a headshot will cost you in London.   Not surprisingly there is a huge range.  The article concentrates on actors’ headshots but applies equally well to any portrait photographer.

Michael finds the range to be anywhere between £50 and £500. My favourite photographer of the moment operates in New York (amongst other places) and I understand he successfully commands $1,000 a headshot.  So it raises the question as to what should a portrait session with a good photographer cost?  The article draws its own conclusions and is well worth a read but it opens up another debate for us.  We get asked ‘why so cheap?’ so this seems like a good time to explore and explain our pricing policy.

The perception can be that a less expensive headshot likely to be no good.  According to Michael Wharley’s article we at Your Best Self are at the very bottom of the fees spectrum in London yet a browse through our facebook page and website will show clearly that our headshots are fabulous!  Of course we need to make the distinction between a very simple but excellent commercial portrait for say LinkedIn or a new website as opposed to an actor’s shoot which will involve more time and costume changes but we thought the point warranted discussion.

As small business owners ourselves we wanted to introduce a new type of headshot experience whereby short, quick, low cost headshots could be available to the entrepreneur or person just starting out with their venture, at no sacrifice to the quality of the image, and with no hidden costs.

We are able to do this for our clients, partly because we are experienced so are able to work swiftly and partly because we are prepared to work really hard during the event days.  We make up and shoot up to twenty people in one day (once we were so busy we did two consecutive event days which was mad) and this is made possible because we belief in and love what we do.  We get a buzz out of helping people in their business endeavours and seeing the photographs we produce reappearing time and time again over clients’ social media platforms.

So our message is this: look at the quality of a photographer’s work.  Don’t automatically assume that because he or she is the top end of the price range that they are brilliant or if they are at the other end of the spectrum that they are not up to the job.  Check out the work and look at the testimonials – and make sure you like the person who will be photographing you.  And finally as Michael says in his report – watch out for those hidden costs.

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