What Makes A Good Headshot?

A good headshot is all about expression.

Confidence and ability is reflected in your eyes and likeability and trustworthiness shows up in your smile.   I am adept at getting you to radiate these qualities so that your next business contact feels compelled to touch base with you.LinkedIn members with a profile picture on average get up to 14 times more profile views than members without.  There are 500 million users on LinkedIn. It makes sense to put forward the best possible profile you can and this includes your photograph.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to make a successful first impression.

Most people dislike having their photograph taken and I understand that so I make the experience quick and fun.  In the words of Laura Mercier

“Beauty is not generic. Quite often the thing that makes you memorable is the thing that makes you different.”

I believe that there is beauty in every face but I also look for and celebrate the difference.

Just a taste of some of our recent work


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